Mouth feel for vegetarian and vegan alternatives

Vegetarian and vegan alternatives to meat, dairy and deli foods

Modern system solutions combine enjoyment, convenience and healthy nutrition.

More and more consumers are giving up meat. The main growth drivers in this category are flexitarians, who are reducing their meat consumption for health or ethical reasons. The demand for alternatives to sausage and meat is rising accordingly. Worldwide, sales of substitutes for dairy products have also risen sharply in recent years.

Soy meat, tofu, seitan and tempeh were the alternatives of first resort, but consumer expectations have risen. The success of modern vegan and vegetarian products is due to the fact that they offer consumers familiar flavours and textures despite not containing meat. For cheese substitutes, along with appearance, taste and technological equivalence, economical and production technology factors play a key role in development.

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ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Vegetarian cold cutsHydroTOP VEG 15Soy-free all-in system9% in the final product
Vegetarian sausages and vegetarian ground meatHydroTOP VEG WienerAll-in system, outstanding texture for eating hot and cold, enables a host of applications20% in the final product
Vegetarian bratwurstsHydroTOP BratwurstAll-in system, outstanding texture for eating hot and cold. Without colourants, for light-coloured products20% in the final product
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Vegan cold cutsHydroTOP VeganAll-vegetable all-in system, optimum bite and excellent sliceability15% in the final product
Vegan hotdogsHydroTOP Vegan HTAll-in system, outstanding texture for eating hot21% in the final product
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Vegan cooking creamStabiprot Vega 420 P Stabiprot VEGA 420 VVegan cooking cream substitute, highly heat-stable, based on soy protein or soy-free3,0 – 3,2 %
Vegan drinks based on grain, nuts, coconut etc.Stabisol GC 4Stabilises suspensions and gives an outstanding mouth feel0,08 – 0,12 %
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Vegan pizza toppingStabiprot PCVBGood melting behaviour and outstanding flavour profile4,5 %
Slice-on-slice vegan cheese analogueStabiprot PCVS 1 Stabiprot PCVS 2Sliceable product that melts on the tongue, based on soy protein or soy-free4,55 %
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Low-fat deli cream with 50 % fat for cold productionStabimuls MR 51Integrated compound without egg2,5 %
Low-fat deli cream with 24-30 % fat for cold productionStabimuls MR 52Integrated compound without egg2,9 – 4,5 %


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Vegan alternatives for dairy, meat and deli products

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