Vegetable-based cream for whipping and cooking

Higher volume, lower costs

Our functional systems from the Stabimuls series can help you make vegetable-based whipping cream with exceptionally high volume, for very lucrative products such as cannoli.

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Vegetable-based cream: Trending enjoyment with a price advantage

Stabimuls Vega keeps vegetable-based whipping and cooking cream in shape.

With Stabimuls Vega you can make vegetable-based whipping cream with outstanding product properties for cake, fruit, desserts or ice cream, or for use in sauces, soups and casseroles. The whipping volume can be adjusted between 100 and 400% as desired. What’s more, the vegetable-based cream keeps longer and is up to 40% cheaper than dairy cream.

Vegetable-based cream made with Stabimuls Vega goes great with yogurt and fruit, or dressed up with sugar and juice. The foam stays fresh-looking and appetising for a long time. There is no water release, and the product looks freshly whipped. This stabiliser complex is also ideal for hot regions. The whip volume can be improved and the whipped cream remains stable and keeps its shape for a long time, even at temperatures up to 40°C. This is a real advantage when there are gaps in the cooling and distribution chain.

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Cream products
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Cream & cream productsLaboron S-68-1010Liquid cream stabiliser, simple handling when dispersing and good distribution0,15 – 0,30 %
Cream, 30% fatStabisol CT 6Stabilisation of cream to prevent creaming at low dosage0,02 %
Cooking cream, 20% fatStabisol CFKS 9Highly heat-stable1,3 – 1.4 %
Vegetable-based whipping cream
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Vegetable-based whipping cream with 25–28% fatStabimuls Vega SSI 14 GFHigh stability at low dosage, contains no gelatine1,4 %
Vegetable-based whipping cream with 25–28% fatStabimuls ICR 9 MSHigh reliability and stability in liquid and whipped phase2,4 %
Vegetable-based whipping cream with 20% fatStabimuls ICR 20 IHigh stability even without gelatine despite reduced fat content2,5 %
Vegetable-based cooking cream
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Cooking cream with 12–25% fatStabimuls VEGA 406 FTVegetable fat cream as substitute for cooking cream. Good whitening2,0 – 2,1 %


Interested in vegetable-based alternatives to dairy cream?

We’ll be glad to provide detailed information on our foam stabilisers and emulsifiers for vegetable-based whipping cream with individually adjustable whip volume.

The brochure gives you further information on the benefits of our Laboron Vega stabiliser complexes for vegetable-based whipping and cooking cream.

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