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Homemade dairy and deli products

Simple preparation of desserts, ice cream and sauces right at home


The pandemic has turned work and lifestyles upside down in the past two years. Lockdowns have had people spending more time than ever at home. Instead of the cafeteria, we’ve been eating in our own kitchens. And some of us have discovered a new passion for cooking.

There’s a big demand for little kitchen helpers that help home cooks rustle up dishes quickly and easily, whether pudding powders for boiling with sugar and milk, or sauces that just need a quick stir. Convenience solutions are booming around the world, and combine low effort and time savings with delicious indulgence.

In a global perspective, Europe is clearly ahead with 42.9% when it comes to product launches with convenience claims. It is followed by Asia (23.5%), North America (14.1%) and Latin America (12.2%). Product launches in the Middle East & Africa (6.9%) and the Oceanic market (0.3%) were lower.

Source: Innova Database, Percentage Breakdown of Global Product Launches with Convenience Claims by Region (All Categories, Except: Pet Food and Supplements, 01/2018 – 12/2021)

2 out of 5

40 % of global consumers say that they did more home cooking using convenient/meal solutions over the past year.

Source: Innova Lifestyle & Attitudes Survey 2021

ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosage
PuddingHydrobest Pudding HM Vanilla 01All-in compound for homemade vanilla pudding with creamy texture and shiny appearance; only milk and sugar need to be added6.40 %
FlanHydrobest Flan HM Vanilla-Caramel 01All-in compound for homemade vanilla-caramel flan, with a gelatinous but creamy texture and shiny appearance; only milk and sugar need to be added0.45 %
Whipped dessertStabimuls Vega 26 Instant PFIntegrated compound for homemade whipped desserts, such as mousse au chocolat type, with high whipping volume, stable foam and reduced sugar content; only sweeteners, cocoa powder and milk need to be added22.6 %
Milk ice cream, fruit ice cream, yogurt ice creamStabimuls IC 100 rangeFlexible integrated compound for various types of ice cream, with creamy mouthfeel and good melting behaviour; only sugar, fruits or other flavouring ingredients need to be added1.2 – 6.0 %

ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosage
Chipotle style sauceHydrobest ICSAll-in compound for homemade chipotle style sauce. Perfect as a dip or topping for meat and vegetables, very easy handling with cold production; only water needs to be added30.0 %
Carbonara style sauceHydrobest IPS CarbonaraAll-in compound for homemade carbonara style sauce, with shiny appearance and good adhesion to pasta; only water needs to be added14.2 %
Mayo sauce with 65 to 70 % fatHydrobest IMS 67All-in compound for homemade mayo sauce with an ideal fat content of 67 %; only vegetable oil, water and vinegar need to be added7.8 %

Top 5 categories with convenience claims

Sauces and seasonings are the most common product launches with convenience claims. Worldwide, over 125,000 products were launched in these categories in the last three years, followed by baked goods (about 100,000) and dairy products (about 92,000). Behind them come launches of snacks (around 90,000) and meat, fish and egg products (about 86,000).

Source: Innova Database, Global Product Launches with Convenience Claims (All Categories, Except: Pet Food and Supplements, 01/2018 – 12/2021)

These new compounds are based on our proven Hydrobest and Stabimuls series stabilising systems, so they’re absolutely dependable. Both the manufacturer and the consumer can refine the desserts and sauces individually by adding their own ingredients. The compounds are also perfect for marketing with additional recipe ideas.

Linda Eitelberger, Product Manager Dairy- & Deli-Products