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Naturalness and Clean Label are trending vigorously, as prognoses by Innova Market Insights have shown for a few years now. In fact, the top trend in 2015 was already “From Clean to Clear Label”. The shift from natural foods to natural foods with transparent ingredient information was very quickly apparent on product packaging. The lack of additives like preservatives, artificial flavourings and flavour enhancers was the first focus, and this has now almost become its own market category.

Foods without common allergens like milk and soy, or ingredients that can trigger intolerances like lactose and gluten. Less sugar, salt and fat. The Free From trend has given rise to the Alternatives category. Consumer health is the primary driver for the purchase of Clean and Clear Label products. The idea is to treat yourself well and act sustainably, boost your own health, preserve resources and protect the environment. In other words, indulge with a clear conscience. Because indulgence also plays a leading role in food. But simply removing certain ingredients from a recipe can quickly ruin a food’s appeal. Getting it right takes sure instincts and plenty of experience in the use of the different ingredients.

Less sugar for Europe graphic
Without added phosphates...
Our stabilising system for meat enables the efficient production of sausage and cooked cured products without adding phosphates. When used for boiled sausages, it gives the familiar bite and a stable texture. As a brine additive in cooked cured products, it gives optimum yield and a juicy consistency.We also offer formulations for processed cheese preparations that don’t need added phosphates. These Free From products have characteristics similar to standard products. Like them, they can be offered as spreadable cheese, in triangular packages or enjoyed as slices on burgers or toast.
Our product solutions for the meat category
ApplicationStabilising systemProperties
Boiled sausage without added phosphateHydroTOP CS CLFor many kinds of meat, gives ideal texture formation
Cooked cured products without added phosphatePLUSstabil CM CLEnables moderate yield and stable curing colour
Our product solutions for the dairy category
ApplicationStabilising systemProperties
Processed cheese preparations without added phosphateStabisol PCCL 2For spreadable products without E-numbers
Processed cheese preparations without added phosphateStabisol PCTR 5For triangular shapes; gives ideal filling viscosity without sticking
Processed cheese preparations without added phosphateStabisol PCTR 5For slice on slice, enables simple cutting and melting like with sandwich slices
…or carrageenan
The use of carrageenan is controversial, especially in sour milk products like cream cheese preparations. With our stabilising systems these can be made in different fat content levels, without carrageenan. Since “carrageenan-free” is now often used to differentiate from the competition, we also offer alternative solutions for products with neutral pH, like milk mixed beverages and puddings, as well as for vegan milk replacements.

ApplicationStabilising systemProperties
Cream cheese preparation with 12-30 % fat contentStabisol FCGOffers flexibility and requires no homogenisation
PuddingStabisol PDP 01Gives low filling viscosity
Milk mixed beveragesStabiprime MFDGGives a creamy mouth feel and stability
Our product solutions for the dairy category:
ApplicationStabilising systemProperties
Milk mixed beveragesStabiprime ReiheGives a creamy mouth feel and stability
Sugar-reduced high protein puddingStabisol PCC + Stabiprot 90 C (AA)Enables flexibly adaptable texture and a creamy mouth feel
Our product solutions for the deli category:
ApplicationStabilising systemProperties
Ketchup and saucesStabisol KO 3Provides mouth feel, body and stability
Fat-free dressingStabisol SCDH 0Gives a creamy consistency and long-term product stability
Our product solutions for the dairy category:
ApplicationStabilising systemProperties
Plant-based whipped cream alternative with 8 – 16 % fatStabimuls ICR 150 SOYEnables good whippability
Cream cheese preparation with 6 – 28 % fatStabisol FKBPGives a creamy mouth feel
Our product solutions for the deli category
ApplicationStabilising systemProperties
Mayonnaise with 15 - 20 % fatStabimuls M 15 CWCProvides appealing mouth feel, body and stability
Our product solutions for the meat category
ApplicationStabilising systemProperties
Boiled sausageHydroTOP Perfect EEnables outstanding bite and a juicy texture
Burgers and meatballsHydroTOP High Gel 30Gives a meaty, full-bodied texture and freeze-thaw stability
Our product solutions for the meat category:
ApplicationStabilising systemProperties
Sodium-reduced sausage productsHydrolon LSFor targeted sodium reduction in meat products, without bitter aftertaste
Sodium-reduced cooked cured productsHydrolon LS HamEnables moderate yield and with low sodium content


The demand for vegan foods is skyrocketing, accompanied by another trend – Clean Eating. According to market research, these two trends will continue to dominate the food market going forward.

Marketing potential

Free From information on packaging is turning into a strong marketing instrument. “Better for you” claims address consumers’ desire for a healthier lifestyle and more transparency.


The milk beverages market clearly shows that in many cases the lack of additives reflects positively on the image of a product. This is particularly the case for ingredients like carrageenan that have come under criticism.


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