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The 2-day Fi Conference will offer a programme focused on tackling current challenges and identifying immediate opportunities for R&D and product development professionals in the F&B industry. Through a mix of keynote presentations, panel discussions and company case studies the conference will provide in-depth insights into current trends and examples of applications of the latest research.
Stand number: 4.0K141

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Sustaining the world's appetite: The role of cellular agriculture in modern food systems

Modern agriculture, mainly caused by the production of animal products, and the associated agri-food system leave an enormous ecological footprint. Given the expected global increase in consumption of these nutrient-rich products, it is necessary to find new ways to create a sustainable food system. Cellular agriculture is an innovation that could fundamentally change the agri-food system. By producing products such as meat and milk through biotechnological processes, cellular agriculture decouples the production of animal products from animals. But what needs to happen for cellular agriculture to successfully contribute to sustainable development?

Find out on 29. November 2023 11.00h-11.30h at the FI Europe Conference at Stand number: 4.0K141

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference

Katharina Burdorf, Ambassador Cellular Agriculture & Team Lead Product Management