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Due to the corona pandemic, cost-reduced recipes have become especially vital to ensure sufficient food supplies at affordable prices. Hit the cost brakes: Hydrosol has the ideal solutions for the efficient manufacture of dairy, deli and meat and sausage products.

Hydrosol gets it – and shows how innovative texturing and stabilising systems make production faster, and foods tastier and more economical. Here you’ll find the right functional system for your product, and people who’ll help you with their enthusiasm and specialist knowledge. From product idea to packaging, we’re in!

What factors play a role in food purchases?

The corona pandemic has caused major economic problems around the world. This has had a huge effect on consumer purchasing power. In addition to flavour, which is central to Hydrosol, cost is the second most important factor for household grocery shopping.

Source: Innova Category Survey (2020), average of 31 categories and 29 countries

Stabilising systemEconomical applicationGeneral propertiesDosage
Stabisol JOC 2Fermented whey desserts with or without fruitFlexible system for various amounts of whey4.0 %
Hydrobest HY Cocoa Drink 09Cocoa drink with partial sweet whey contentAll-in-compound with cocoa powder, convenient in application2.5 %
Stabisol PEC 2Puddings with partial sweet whey and vegetable fat contentFlexible system for various puddings0.5 %

Stabilising systemEconomical applicationGeneral propertiesDosage
Stabisol PCTR 4Flexible processed cheese preparationsFlexible system for processed cheese preparations, that can be used as spread, sauce or dip0.3 – 0.5 % in combination with melting salts
Stabisol QPR 1Curd style preparation as filling in bakery and pastaSystem for freeze-thaw and heat-stable curd style preparations2.0 %
Stabisol FKEC 1Cream cheese preparations with 20 % fat, some vegetable fat contentFlexible system for products that are suitable for HORECA as well as retail1.5 %

Stabilising systemEconomical applicationGeneral propertiesDosage
Stabisol Vega 121Crème cuisine with 12 % fat, some vegetable fat contentFlexible system for medium to high cooking viscosity, suitable for a fat content of 10 – 30 %1.4 %
Stabimuls ICR 160 SOYWhippable vegetable-based cream with 16 % fatFlexible system for high whipping volume, suitable for a fat content of 8 – 30 %1.6 %
Stabimuls ICR PA 20Vegetable-based cream for cooking and whipping with 30 % fatFlexible system for high whipping volume and cooking stability, suitable for an upstream process and filling temperatures up to 18°C1.1 %

Strategies for reducing spend on food and beverages

A survey by Innova showed that consumers looking to reduce the amount they spend on food and drinks are best able to achieve this by doing their own cooking at home, limiting or going without luxury products, and prioritising basic needs. 28% switch to cheaper products. Here, Hydrosol has the right formulations to help you make lower-cost foods.

Source: Innova Lifestyle & Attitude Survey (2021), average from 10 countries

Stabilising systemEconomical applicationGeneral propertiesDosage
Stabimuls M SCMayo sauce with 11 % fatEgg-free integrated compound for cold production, suitable for 10 – 20 % fat8.0 %
Stabimuls MSA 40 BFat-reduced spread as alternative to butter with 40 % fatEgg yolk powder-based integrated compound for cold production, suitable for fat reduced mayo sauce with 35 – 45 % fat3.75 %
Stabisol K 7 HVKetchup style red sauce with 7 % tomato pasteIntegrated compound, suitable for 7 – 30 % tomato paste and various sugar contents5.0 %

2 out of 5

consumers around the world say that their disposable income has declined during the pandemic.

Rising inflation will further burden household budgets, so the costs and affordability of food products are a growing problem.
Source: Innova Top 10 Macro Topics for 2022

Injection systemsApplicationYield
PLUSstabil FM LV2For poultry. Low viscosity, reduces cooking losses, improves meat tenderness12 - 25 %
PLUSstabil FM MVFor poultry. Medium viscosity, reduces weight loss, improves yield. For moist, tender products12 - 25 %
PLUSstabil FM HVCFor poultry. High viscosity, reduces weight loss and improves yield12 - 30 %

Tumbling systemsApplicationYield
PLUSstabil FM TSFor all kinds of meat. Versatile all-in compounds, improved yield10 – 35 % depending on the meat
PLUSstabil FM Perfect TumbleFor all kinds of meat. Versatile uses, low drip loss and good brine retention30 - 50 %

Stabilising systemApplicationPropertiesDosing
HydroTOP Perfect D 80Burgers, meatballs, nuggets, fish productsSaves production time, reduces cooking loss1.5 - 2.5 %
HydroTOP B ecoBratwursts, burgers, nuggetsHigher yields, moist and tender products1.5 - 2.0 %
HydroTOP High Gel 30Pre-emulsion for ground meat productsGood binding, versatile usesDepends on the recipe

Stabilising systemApplicationPropertiesDosing
HydroTOP CS 50Emulsified sausage products and ham productsOffers good bite and texture even with low meat content0.8 - 0.9 %
HydroTOP Mix 50Sausage products and deli meatsImproves the sliceability of cold cuts0.2 - 1.0 %
PLUSmulson Prot 30Cold cutsPrevents water and fat separation1.0 - 1.5 %

Hydrolon Fresh Plus 18Inhibits bacterial growth, stabilises the natural microfloraCombats product-specific bacteria and yeasts, prevents clouding and acidification0.3 - 0.5 %
Hydrolon Fresh NI 21Improves the safety of final products, maintains freshness without off-tasteCombats many bacteria Reduces typical signs of spoilage like clouding, acidification, putrefaction0.5 %
Naturom Fresh Plus Nat CBased on dry vinegar, plant extracts, lemon juice powder, spirit vinegarVery effective preservative for a wide range of uses0.6 %

Stabilising systemApplicationPropertiesYield
PLUSstabil CM 90 LAHamWith enzyme, reduces carrageenan strips, inhibits syneresisUp to 90 %
PLUSstabil CM 90 SRHamWithout enzymes, reduces carrageenan strips, inhibits syneresisUp to 90 %
PLUSstabil CM BAC 40BaconImproves sliceability, gives ideal reddening effect30 - 40 %
PLUSstabil Unibac ST 1HamLow weight loss, without flavour enhancers60 - 120 %
PLUSstabil Unibac 40 OAHamIdeal for restructured ham products, reduces weight loss during storage, high yield160 - 300 %