Food stabilising and texturing systems



Fish alternatives – The new heroes of the plant-based revolution

According to experts, one reason is that the Corona crisis has made many more consumers rethink their eating habits. In addition to health and enjoyment, safety, environment and animal welfare are becoming more and more important to consumers when buying foods. Plant-based alternatives... More


Foods without common allergens like milk and soy, or ingredients that can trigger intolerances like lactose and gluten. Less sugar, salt and fat. Without animal-derived components, be they meat, egg or gelatine.

The Free From trend and the plant-based movement have given rise to the Alternatives category. We have developed solutions to help you to follow this trend.


Dairy products

Milk is a very complex food – a balanced system of proteins, fat, carbohydrates and salts that takes on new forms when fermented. In our Dairy laboratory we develop stabilising systems for individual customers that let them present milk in all sorts of new ways.

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Meat and sausage products

Functional systems are indispensable for making top quality meat products economically at any time. Our products improve appearance, texture, flavour and shelf life, and create individual solutions for your products.

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Make delicious vegan burger patties that are free of soy, wheat and other allergens.

Brian Walker, our Global Commercial Director, explains what makes our plant-based solutions special.

Deli foods

Whether ready meals, soups and sauces, mayonnaises, dressings or ketchup, our stabilising systems for deli foods give manufacturers safe production, reliable results, and economic benefits.

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“We see ourselves not merely as a supplier, but also as idea-givers for customers. Instead of off-the-shelf ingredients, we develop individual market-ready concepts for each customer.”

Dr. Matthias Moser, Managing Partner

Cheese preparations

Cheese is a product with a long tradition, whose manufacture is subject to strict regulations. Cheese preparations and recombined products are tasty alternatives, and with Hydrosol functional systems they are simple and cost-effective to make.

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Service around stabilising and texturing systems

Individual customer wishes

We know the trends and requirements in the international markets, as well as the potential. This lets us continue to present customers with new product ideas and point them towards individual value-add potential.

Product developments

From hundreds of individual components, we develop customer-specific stabilising systems that improve product quality, economy and processing.

Raw materials purchasing

With our years of relationships with suppliers and partners in the raw materials markets, we can ensure continuous availability and always select the best possible components for each product concept.

Stern Technology Centre

We don’t just refine raw materials into effective compounds, we also research new synergies and potential. This fundamental research is possible only with our modern test systems covering all food areas. We also use the interdisciplinary knowledge of some 80 R&D experts at the Stern Technology Centre.

Application advice

From the improvement of existing formulations to the development of new final products, we create custom concepts. We can advise you, at your location if desired, and assist with process technology issues.

Training and seminars

Regular workshops and seminars provide the opportunity for personal communication and give our customers a good look at what we offer. They focus on our product and process improvements, manufacturing methods and applications tips.

Ice cream

Our stabilising systems for ice cream let you adjust melting properties, viscosity, consistency, texture and rheology as desired, whether for dairy ice cream, sorbet, sherbet or water ices.

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25 years „The Stabiliser People"

Figures, data, good stories: In our special publication we describe the developments of the food and nutrition industry over the past 25 years and present important trends of tomorrow.

Vegetable-based cream

Vegetable-based cream is an ideal alternative to dairy cream, as whipping cream for cake, fruit, desserts or ice cream, or for use in sauces, soups and casseroles. Stabimuls Vega is used for stable vegetable-based creams with variable fat content and the same product properties as conventional cream.

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Vegan dairy alternatives - no compromises in flavour and texture

More and more people are eating vegan. And consumers don’t want to make any compromises on flavour, texture or enjoyment. With our individual stabilising and texturing systems, we work with you to develop real alternatives to milk, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, ice cream and cream.


Our specific stabilising systems assist in the targeted curing of fish products and provide gentle fermentation. They improve the structure of smoked salmon, salmon products and seafood. Our preservatives ensure good shelf life.

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“I know a lot of ingredients manufacturers. Hydrosol is owner-operated, and stands out in the way it treats its staff as well as customers with its very enthusiastic culture.” Gert Keiner, Consultant and CEO of Food & Safety Consulting.”

Gert Keiner, Consultant und Geschäftsführer, Food & Safety Consulting

Vegetarian and vegan products

More and more consumers are turning to alternatives to meat and dairy products. But they don’t want to give up the familiar flavours and textures they like. Our all-in compounds enable the production of vegan and vegetarian foods that are equivalent to the meat and dairy originals.

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