Hydrosol product development at Stern Technology Centre

In-house R&D centre

The Stern Technology Centre: A place for creativity and innovation

Our Technology Centre near Hamburg, Germany bundles all the expertise and knowledge of the eleven German specialist subsidiaries of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe with more than 80 R&D specialists

Our application-centric R&D team combines passion, enthusiasm and curiosity. In 3000 square meters of lab space, we create innovative ideas that improve our customers’ products and in some cases even make them possible in the first place. Here, our specialists find all the applications technology resources they need and plenty of room to think through and test innovative solutions. This naturally takes place in close collaboration with customers as well as with colleagues in the Group’s other specialist companies.

The dairy laboratory: individual textures for dairy products

“We give dairy products the individual look and feel consumers expect from brand-name products, using our ingredient complexes to precisely adjust the texture, flavour and appearance. We make targeted use of the synergies between the many different system components.”

Holger Ranters, Senior Manager Application Development

In our dairy laboratory we develop custom-made stabilising systems using the latest pilot production systems. These include a UHT tube heat exchanger for yogurt and pudding, a UHT machine for high-viscosity foods like processed cheeses, a whipping machine for mousses, emulsifier machines with direct and indirect heat for cream cheese, and high-pressure homogenisers. Our specialists then transfer trial results to our customers’ large-scale production lines.

The deli foods laboratory: Meeting customer needs with new solutions

“Consumers expect very high quality and variety from the deli food category. Manufacturers are under cost pressure to use efficient production methods. In our Deli Foods laboratory we develop ingredient combinations for ready meals, soups, sauces, ketchups, mayonnaises and dressings that satisfy the wishes of both consumers and manufacturers.”

Rolf Bialek, Director Applications Technology Deli Foods

We have advanced laboratory facilities and pilot systems for the development of targeted functional systems – mixers and emusifiers for mayonnaises and sauces, autoclaves for sterilised ready meals, tube heat exchangers with high pressure homogeniser for UHT sauces and soups, and much more. We develop stabilising and texturing systems from our long experience with formulations, process technology and the interactions of raw materials. Our core competence is hydrocolloid filling aids for ready meals, functional systems for deli salads and dressings, and our hydrocolloid-egg compounds for mayonnaise.


High quality with low production costs, longer shelf-life, and attractive meatless alternatives – that’s what customers most often ask for. Thanks to the versatile and advanced equipment in our meat laboratory, we can test each formulation and tune it to the customer’s production conditions.

Sebastian Barsch, Head of Product Development Meat & Fish

One of our core competences is the development of high-performance meat binding systems for convenience products. Another focus is new functional systems for a wide range of sausage and ham products. We offer a line of attractive system solutions for vegan and vegetarian alternatives with great texture and bite. We also have the right solutions for fish curing and structure improvement. Our special stabilising and texturing systems, injection brines and all-in compounds are carefully designed for their respective applications, and can be individually adapted to suit customer needs.

The ice cream laboratory: idea workshop for new flavour experiences

“The amount of emulsifiers and stabilisers in ice cream is quite small. Yet the right selection and combination of individual components determines whether the final product will be a success. We adjust all the key product properties in dialogue with our customers.”

Thies J. Meier, Director Research and Development

Whether standard or premium product, whether improvements to existing ice creams or new launches of innovative varieties, we develop market-ready solutions with you and address even unusual wishes and requirements.

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