Hydrosol production: State of the art


Our modern precision mixing systems and advanced fluidised bed technology enable the production of customer-specific functional systems in the highest quality.

Fully automated mixing lines with central process control and visualisation allow us to mix and document a very wide range of formulations. This lets us ensure the highest formulation accuracy, process reliability and gentle treatment of products. With eight independent mixing lines we can execute multiple orders simultaneously while preventing cross-contamination.

Comprehensive inspections ensure the highest product quality. Our quality assurance begins with purchasing. The raw materials are inspected by in-house and external labs. To ensure the high functionality of our compounds, all process steps are precisely defined and subject to constant monitoring. Customers can be sure that the product they receive meets all quality criteria.

Modern technology

Modern fluidised bed technology expands our options with coating, agglomeration, instantising, granulating and drying. This is a very gentle and effective way to dry solid products while making targeted modifications to their physical and applications-related properties.

State of the art

Thanks to continuous investment, our production facility is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe. Capacity is currently 40,000 tonnes of ingredients a year. Our customers in over 60 countries expect the best, and we continue to expand our capabilities in order to provide it to them with the highest level of innovation, flexibility and service.

Hydrosol Zertifikate

Certified quality

We meet growing food safety and quality requirements with our certification to FSSC (Food Safety System Certification), a standard recognised worldwide. We also adhere to the newest allergen management, kosher, halal and organic requirements. Our hygiene and food safety always comply with the latest standards.

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