SternMaid America and its sister companies at IFT Food Expo 2018

Individual solutions from product idea to packaging.

Hamburg, June 2018 – At this year’s IFT Food Expo in Chicago, five sister companies of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe will be presenting their latest offerings. SternMaid America will present its wide range of customer-specific contract manufacturing services, while sister companies Hydrosol, SternEnzym, SternVitamin and Sternchemie exhibit trend-oriented food ingredients. These include individual stabilizing and texturing systems for vegan products, trendy vitamin and mineral premixes for different consumer demands, clean label lecithins and oils, and innovative enzyme systems for the efficient and economical manufacture of food products. At their shared booth S671 visitors can get customized problem solutions and new inspiration.

Hydrosol, a leading international supplier of customer-specific stabilizing and texturing systems, is presenting vegan alternatives to meat and dairy products at the IFT Food Expo. With its all-in compounds for meat alternatives, customers can use standard production equipment to make vegan burger patties and meatballs, meatless nuggets, schnitzel, and filet strips. Hydrosol also offers functional systems for making vegan cold cuts. For the wide spectrum of dairy alternatives, Hydrosol has developed individual stabilizing and texturing systems that give products properties that are very close to those of products made from cow’s milk. In addition to fermented desserts, ice cream, and drinks, this includes vegan cream cheese alternatives with an appealingly smooth, creamy consistency and authentic flavor. Used in vegan cheese alternatives, these functional systems deliver the taste and enjoyment consumers want, as well as the ideal melt properties for pizza and casseroles.


SternVitamin is showing how manufacturers of beverages, foods and nutritional supplements can generate new value-add potential. This micronutrient specialist company has also developed special premixes for enriching vegan foods that meet the daily requirements of all important micronutrients. Another focus is health and lifestyle concepts for different target groups and requirements. These include bone health, boosting the immune system, strengthening the cardiovascular system, and beauty support. The new premix for “healthy bones and heart” is just one example, and trade show visitors can test it right at the booth. The premix contains vitamins B1, B12, C, K2 and D3, and is just one example of many different target group concepts that address different life phases of consumers, from childbearing to school, study, professional life and senior years. In addition to beverages, these tailor-made micronutrient premixes add value to teas, snacks, dairy products, baked goods and confections. They can also be integrated into a vegan lifestyle.


At IFT enzyme designer SternEnzym is presenting solutions that make food manufacture more efficient and economical. One focus is on new applications for baked goods and dough products, and for avoiding acrylamide. In cookies, the company’s special enzyme systems improve dough workability and cookie structure, while reducing the tendency to form hairline cracks and bubbles. In waffle production, they enable major savings through lower energy expenditure and lower product loss. The multipurpose Pastazym line makes it possible to use cheaper wheat varieties and so keep costs down. The enzyme compounds are suitable for pasta products of durum wheat, common wheat, and mixtures of the two. SternEnzym is also showing Innovase ASP, which prevents the formation of acrylamide in French fries, fine baked goods, bread, coffee, and breakfast cereal.


Sternchemie is an international supplier of lecithins and food lipids, and is presenting its declaration-friendly non-GMO products including sunflower and rapeseed lecithin as well as IP soy. These clean label products are from the company’s own sustainable production and are suitable for baked goods and confections, instant products, and food supplements. Sternchemie offers lecithins in liquid form, as powder, and in hydrolyzed and sprayable versions Another specialty is de-oiled pure lecithin. As a problem solver, Sternchemie develops individual lecithin compounds to customer order, specific to the application in terms of functionality, pricing, and declaration. The company’s second major line of business is MCT oil. This colorless, odorless, flavorless, low-viscosity oil is ideal for many things, from baby food, baked goods, and confections to sports nutrition. Sternchemie also offers powdered versions of MCT. Other products are RSPO SG-certified red palm oil, in high demand as a natural food coloring, as well as coconut milk power for cold and hot dishes, baked goods and confections, and ice cream.


SternMaid America offers complete contract manufacturing for powder mixes in the nutritional supplements and food ingredients category. With its own plant in Aurora near Chicago, the company can meet all the needs of American customers. Its semi-automatic powder mixing line uses the latest technology, providing high mixing precision and the flexibility to produce quantities from 1000 to 20,000 lbs. and more. Its specially designed nozzles can evenly spray fluid components onto powder; these can be microcomponents like flavorings, oils, emulsifiers and the like, including fatty and highly viscous fluids in high concentration. Powdered products can be supplied packed in bags, cartons, drums or big bags. In addition, the plant has a canning line for filling precise amounts. SternMaid America’s services range from quality control of raw materials to co-packing to stocking and logistics. Its high quality and hygienic standards are reflected by its many certifications. IFT Food Expo 2018 attendees can learn more about what SternMaid America and its sister companies offer at Booth S671.

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