New processed cheese preparations without added phosphates or citrates

Whether spreadable or in slices, processed cheese preparations are established products worldwide. But the phosphates in the melting salts are under fire for causing health problems, first and foremost osteoporosis, but also a heightened risk of heart attack and stroke in certain groups. Therefore, Hydrosol has developed formulations that don’t need added phosphates. They are ideal for stabilising processed cheese preparations. These “free from” products offer characteristics similar to standard products; like them, they can be offered as spreadable cheese, in triangular packages or enjoyed as slices on burgers or toast.

Spreadable clean label products in premium quality

A stabilising system in the Stabisol PCCL series enables the production of spreadable processed cheese preparations without E-numbers. The system is based on a complex combination of a specific starch, vegetable fibre and other plant-based ingredients. The standard recipe calls for more than 30 percent real cheese varieties such as gouda, and is produced in a conventional high-shear process cooker.

Especially for children’s products, Hydrosol has developed a stabilising system for squeezable processed cheese preparations in tubes, pouches and similar soft packaging. The declaration-friendly final product needs no melting salts or table salt.

This stabilising system, likewise from the Stabisol PCCL series, is based on a special combination of a declaration-friendly hydrocolloid and special starch. 50 percent cheese goes into the premium formulation. Various flavourings like vanilla, banana or strawberry can be used to give the products surprise flavours that kids like, and that provide variety.

Free-from processed cheese preparations in good shape

Processed cheese preparations in slices or triangles can be given good shaping qualities using a stabilising system from the Stabisol PCTR series. Like the others, this is free from added phosphates and citrates, and is intended for products with high content of real cheeses like gouda or cheddar. The flexible system consists of a complex combination of highly reactive hydrocolloids and a special emulsifier, that gives products good sliceability along with good sandwich-slice melting properties. For processed cheese preparations in triangular shapes, the stabilising system provides for ideal filling viscosity and simple use.

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