Fish alternatives – The new heroes of the plant-based revolution

Hamburg, July 2020 – The “plant-based revolution” is the term Innova Market Insights uses for the continuing worldwide boom in plant-based food and beverages. In the US and in Europe, for example, the demand for meat alternatives is rising rapidly. According to experts, one reason is that the Corona crisis has made many more consumers rethink their eating habits. In addition to health and enjoyment, safety, environment and animal welfare are becoming more and more important to consumers when buying foods.

Plant-based alternatives to meat, sausage and dairy products have long since gone mainstream, and fish alternatives are now the next big thing in vegan products. For Florian Bark, Hydrosol Product Manager, they are the “plant-based stars for 2020.” “The primary reasons for choosing plant-based substitute products are aspects like sustainability, animal welfare and climate change. This is where the fish alternatives come in. Environmental organisations advise cutting back on consumption of ocean fish, due to overfishing. Aspects like microplastic are further arguments.” Hydrosol has already developed various product ideas for this new segment. For example, with the HydroTOP VEGAN RB 5 full compound, plant-based alternatives to breaded fish sticks and fish filet can be made based on a rice texturate. Another new product is alternative tuna, which looks and tastes like canned tuna and can be used in many different ways.

Plant-based tuns from Hydrosol

Since 2014 the Hydrosol line of plant-based concepts for meat and sausage, dairy products, deli foods and convenience has expanded rapidly. Fish alternatives are among the latest new products from the Plant-Based Competence Center. “Plant-based alternatives to fish products are just a step away from going mainstream,” says Florian Bark. “Many manufacturers are looking to us for new concepts in this category, which has enormous sales potential.”

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