Hydrosol sees itself primarily as a service provider to its customers, and only secondarily as a manufacturer. Because our customers are not looking for off-the-shelf products.

In personal meetings we learn your wishes and requirements for new products, and what improvements you would like to see to existing ones. We define the task, and work up a custom functional system.

Every company depends on the people behind it. We give our staff broad scope to make decisions. That leads to high motivation and responsibility. We view our employees, customers and suppliers as partners, and see this as a central element of our shared success.

“If you were going to describe Hydrosol in just a few words, they would be “The Stabiliser People – capable, creative, close to the customer.”

Dr. Matthias Moser, Managing Partner

“Why is Hydrosol innovative? Because our solutions make the seemingly impossible

Sebastian Barsch, Product Developer for Vegetable-Based Cream, Yogurt and Milk Beverages

“Hydrosol is a partner at eye-level. We love to get into technical discussions.”

Katharina Thara, Product Developer for Mayonnaise, Dips and Sauces

“Passion is part of our daily business. We’re intensely interested in intelligent product solutions.”

Dr. Carsten Carstens, Product Manager for Meat and Sausage Products

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