Systematic texturing and stabilisation

The unique Know-how Connection

“Interdisciplinary communication, for example with colleagues from the bakery and milling area or the vitamin and enzyme labs, gives rise to interesting solutions for customers. We have about 100 R&D specialists working here, and I feel like our extensive knowledge plus versatile applications technology is something not many companies can offer. It sets us very much apart.”

Dr. Dorotea Pein, Head of Product Management

We see ourselves as designers who combine different materials into an overall composition. Thus, from several hundred individual components we develop customer-specific stabilising systems that give optimum results in terms of product quality, economy and process control. Our synergistic texturing systems are more effective and efficient than the sum of their individual components.


Individual product solutions

In a personal meeting we learn the customer’s wishes and requirements for new products, and what improvements they would like to see to existing ones.

Extensive raw material expertise

Thanks to decades of applications research, we have extensive knowledge of the many individual substances and their interactions. This lets us achieve closely targeted stabilisation results, adjust textures as desired, and reduce costs.

Realistic trials

Our modern pilot plants let us realistically simulate production processes, to ensure the best possible results.

International trendsetter

High PROTEIN, CLEAN LABEL, VEGAN: We keep close tabs on the market, so not only do we know about the latest trends in raw materials and products, we’re often a step ahead of market developments.

Flexible partner

Our comprehensive service is a major benefit. We travel the world and provide technology consulting on-site. As a result, our technical specialists are very well-versed in the needs of each customer and can deliver fast, flexible problem solutions.

Creative idea source

We can’t see into the future, but we can see what has a future. With our innovative stabilizing and texturing systems, we can help maximize the market success of food products.

Hydrosol - Kernkompetenzen - Anwendung-Team

The Stabiliser People

The development of innovative stabilising and texturing systems takes passion, creativity and know-how. The Hydrosol team develops solutions that address trends, the special wishes of customers, and the rising expectations of consumers. The Stabiliser People identify new value addition potential, and always look at the overall context to get a broader view.

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