Hydrosol: Product-Overview

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As individual as our ingredient complexes are, they all have one thing in common – they are custom solutions designed to give your products the desired properties.

Dairy products

We develop stabilising systems for all kinds of milk-based products, to meet the most demanding expectations.

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Cheese preparations

With our functional systems, recombined products can be produced easily and economically.

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Ice cream

Our ingredient combinations help make better ice cream and ice milk, sorbets, sherbets and water ices.

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Hydrosol - Produktuebersicht - Mayonnaise

Deli foods

Learn more about our individual solutions for ready meals, soups, sauces, mayonnaise and dressings.

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Our specific stabilising systems support the curing, fermenting and structure improvement of fish products.

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Meat and sausage products

Appearance, texture, flavour and shelf life can be improved with our functional systems.

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Vegetable-based cream

Stabimuls Vega helps you make vegetable-based creams for whipping or cooking that meet professional requirements.

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Vegetarian and vegan products

Looking for plant-based solutions?
Get to know our new sister company Planteneers.

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