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Worldwide demand for meat is rising rapidly, and with it interest in new and trend-forward meat sausage products that meet the highest requirements in terms of flavour, texture and economy.

Thanks to our long experience, we know the market very well indeed, including country-specific requirements and food trends. We address them with precisely adjusted functional systems for fresh meat, cooked and cured products like ham, reconstituted meat and sausage products, and vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Our highly specialised stabilising systems aren’t just for meats, but also improve the characteristics of fish products. In its structure, general chemical composition and the biological value of its proteins, fish muscle tissue is not too different from that of warm-blooded animals. The basic processes for fish muscle tissue are thus similar to those used in meat processing, and almost identical stabilising systems can be used.

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Injection system
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Delicatessen cooked ham and KasselerPLUSstabil CM HAM 75A special combination of functional ingredients to minimise carrageen stripes, for injection of 40–75%6.5 kg/100 l brine
Necks, bellies and poultryPLUSstabil Unibac STSpecially developed for streaky cuts of meat and white meat. For injection of 20-60%4–6 kg/100 l brine
Tumbling system
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Restructured cooked hamPLUSstabil Unibac 40 OAOutstanding texture and elasticity for high +80 % to +150 % yields2 % in final product
Reconstituted cooked hamPLUSstabil HAM 100 PLUSOutstanding texture and elasticity for medium to high +60% to +100% yields2 % in final product
Injection system
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Fresh meat, plain or marinatedPLUSstabil FM PY 15For poultry, very high output through low dosing, moderate yields5 kg/ 100 l brine
Fresh meat, plain or marinatedPLUSstabil FM UniUniversal injection system, for moderate to high yields6 kg/100 l brine
Fresh meat, plain or marinatedPLUSstabil FM pH extraStabilises the natural pH of meat, also usable for cooked products2 kg/100 l brine
Restructured fresh meat
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
For restructured meatHydrogum NA 400 SWithout enzymes, salt-tolerant system2% in final product
Schnitzel and steaksPLUSmulson F-03Makes it possible to make restructured products from ends for up to +50% higher yield2% in final product
Ground meat
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Burgers, nuggets, kebab preparationsHydroTOP Perfect EFor the production of an all-purpose emulsionAs needed
Burgers, nuggets, kebab preparationsHydroTOP Perfect DDirect addition, high water bindingAs needed
For eating hot
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Scalded sausage and bratwurstPLUSmuslon CSCutter aid for good protein exposure and firm bite3–4 g/kg
Sodium-reduced sausage productsHydrolon LSFor targeted sodium reduction in meat products, without bitter aftertaste18–22 g/kg
For economical solutionsHydroTOP CS CMCImproves bite and texture, boosts protein content25–28 g/kg
Sausages with extra biteHydroTOP Firm-Tec LABite and texture for economy products10–20 g/kg
For eating cold
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Cold cutsPLUSmulson Prot 30For the production of cooked sausages. Very good emulsifying ability, for high fat formulations with up to 40% fat content10–20 g/kg
Cold cutsHydroTOP Mix 50Improves elasticity and sliceability, reduces synaeresis3–7 g/kg
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Emulsifier for liver sausage and marinadesPLUSmulson RTUPasty emulsifier (esterified monoglycerides). For direct application5–10 g/kg
Emulsifier paste for liverwurst without palm fatPLUSmulson RTU PFFor direct use, declaration-friendly and without palm fat5-10 g/kg
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Naturally cured raw sausageHydrolon DS naturCompound for naturally cured raw sausage products, provides the typical flavour and a safe curing process6 g/kg
Fast-cured raw sausageHydolon DS rapidCompound for fast-cured raw sausage products, gives fast and safe curing10 g/kg
Hot smoked raw sausagesHydrolon CASALIntegrated compound/fast curing compound with seasoning30 g/kg
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Bacon, fat, meat, chicken skin, oilPLUSmulson PROT 300-FFor gelling, heat-stable fat emulsions, low dosing1:16:32 (Emulsifier: Fat:Water)
Oil in water emulsions, non-gellingPLUSmulson Prot 200 PlusGives spreadable fat emulsions, very high yield1:20:30 (Emulsifier: Fat:Water)
Oil in water emulsions, gellingPLUSmulson F-03Gives a heat-stable, firm gel, especially for oil emulsions1:8:12 (Emulsifier: Fat:Water)
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
PreservativeHydrolon SuperA combination of proven preservatives2–3 g/kg in final product
PreservativeHydrolon Fresh Plus 18Many uses, effective against bacteria and yeast3 g/kg
PreservativeHydrolon Fresh TA 21Preservative and anti-oxidant effect, improves colour retention of meat3 g/kg
PreservativeHydrolon Fresh BSSynergies with other preservatives, suitable for surface treatment2 g/kg
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Gives a savoury flavourNaturom TopNATIn combination with other seasonings and flavourings, the specific product flavour stays fresh longer20 g/kg in final product
Sausages and hot dogsNaturom Wiener WürstchenClassic flavour5–7 g/kg
Cooked ham and ham productsNaturom Ham KSeasoning and herbal extracts1–3 g/kg
Cooked ham and vegan productsNaturom VEG FRGlutamate-free, rounds out the flavour10-15 g/kg
Fish applications
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Salmon injectionPLUSstabil SolomoImproved yield for injected salmon products6.5 g /kg final product
Restructured salmonHydroTOP SBSStabilising system for restructured salmon products50 g/kg
MatjesHydrolon Fischer SudCuring additive with good absorption and mild flavour13 g/l water
SurimiHydroTOP Mix 50Improved production safety through improved film formation0,2 – 1,0 %
SurimiHydroTOP V-MKBetter texture0,3 – 0,5 %


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