Stabilising and texturing ice cream

Soft ice cream: Stabilisation or all-in system

Do you want to make soft ice cream? We supply the right solutions, whether as customised stabilising systems or all-in compounds, that also contain colouring and flavouring elements and ensure ideal melting behaviour.

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Ice cream takes creativity

We find the right solution for every recipe

In the ice cream category, consumers are always on the lookout for unusual flavour sensations. Manufacturers address this demand with imaginative new varieties that generate purchase appeal year-round. Hydrosol offers the ice cream industry custom functional systems for different recipes and application technologies, for end products that stand out with quality, pleasant melting and good value for money.

Mouth feel and consistency, storability and tolerance of temperature fluctuations are key success criteria for ice cream. Factors like fat reduction and clean label are also becoming more important. Our Stabimuls IC functional systems let you adjust the melting properties, viscosity, consistency, texture and rheology as desired, whether for standard or premium ice cream, new product launches or improvements to existing products. The ingredient combinations are suitable for all imaginable varieties, from ice milk and ice cream to sorbets, sherbets and water ices.

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Ice cream
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosing
Milk ice cream 4–12% fatStabimuls IC 200Milk ice cream with especially creamy, full mouth feel0,35 – 0,75 %
Milk ice cream 4–12% fatStabimuls IC 1618Creamy consistency even with low fat content0,55 – 0,85 %
Various ice cream applications 2–14% fatStabimuls IC 50360Flexible system with many applications0,4 – 0,6 %
Confectioner’s ice creamStabimuls IC 826Very good texture when produced at confectioners’0,35 – 0,75 %
Soft-serveStabimuls ICSAGives a smooth surface and good filling properties when freezing in soft serve machines1,1 %


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