Stabilising and texturing ice cream

Soft ice cream: Stabilisation or all-in system

Do you want to make soft ice cream? We supply the right solutions, whether as customised stabilising systems or all-in compounds, that also contain colouring and flavouring elements and ensure ideal melting behaviour.

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Ice cream takes creativity

We find the right solution for every recipe

In the ice cream category, consumers are always on the lookout for unusual flavour sensations. Manufacturers address this demand with imaginative new varieties that generate purchase appeal year-round. Hydrosol offers the ice cream industry custom functional systems for different recipes and application technologies, for end products that stand out with quality, pleasant melting and good value for money.

Mouth feel and consistency, storability and tolerance of temperature fluctuations are key success criteria for ice cream. Factors like fat reduction and clean label are also becoming more important. Our Stabimuls IC functional systems let you adjust the melting properties, viscosity, consistency, texture and rheology as desired, whether for standard or premium ice cream, new product launches or improvements to existing products. The ingredient combinations are suitable for all imaginable varieties, from ice milk and ice cream to sorbets, sherbets and water ices.

We will be glad to develop a custom solution for you – ask us!

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Ice cream
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosage
Milk ice cream 4–12% fatStabimuls IC 1618System for milk ice cream with a creamy mouthfeel, even with low fat content0,55 – 0,85 %
Confectioner’s ice creamStabimuls IC 826System for ice cream with a very good texture when produced in the confectionery sector0,35 – 0,75 %
Soft serve ice creamStabimuls ICSASystem for soft serve ice cream with a smooth surface and a good filling behaviour during freezing by soft-serve machine1,1 %
Sorbet and PopsicleStabimuls IC 1100Flexible system, which is used in low dosage0.2 - 0.5%
Clean label ice creamStabimuls IC 90710System for ice cream without E numbers and with creamy mouthfeel1.6%
Milk and yogurt ice cream for home useStabimuls IC 100 RangeSystems that still have to be mixed with sugar and enable end consumers to make creamy milk or yogurt ice cream at home23.0%
Soft serve ice cream with fruitStabimulse IC STSVSystem for thermised soft serve ice cream mix with fruit, smooth and creamy mouthfeel of the end product1.0%
Yogurt-soft serve ice creamStabimuls IC 9810System for fresh yogurt-soft serve ice cream mix with living cultures, creamy mouthfeel of the end product0.45%
Alternative to ice creamStabisol IC V RangeFlexible systems for vegan alternatives to ice cream based on various plant-based raw materials, partly also suitable for soft serve ice cream based on milk and without added sugar0.9 - 1.2%


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Solutions for ice cream

From milk ice cream to soft-serve ice cream with yogurt or fruit, to sorbet and popsicles, the variety is almost unlimited. Each ice cream presents different technological challenges, which is why Hydrosol has developed suitable stabilising systems for a wide range of ice cream products. Always with recipes adapted to the latest trends such as clean label.

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