Texture and stabilising for cheese preparations

Cheese preparations and reconstituted specialities that are easy and economical to make

Cheese is a must for pizza, and it gives convenience products like pasta and snacks that special something. With our stabilising systems you can make creative alternatives to cheese economically.

Few foods are as versatile as cheese. But cheeses like edam or cheddar present challenges from the standpoint of economics and production simplicity – the curing time is a cost factor with hard and sliced cheeses, and in hot regions the availability of fresh milk can be a limiting factor.


With the help of our Stabisol series functional systems, dairies and manufacturers of deli foods, snacks and processed cheeses can easily and economically produce a wide range of cheese alternatives including white cheese, filata, ricotta and spreadable cheese. These recombined specialities meet demanding requirements and can be used for melted toppings, sausage and snack fillings, dip sauces, bread spreads, salads and desserts.

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Gratable and sliceable
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosage
Pizza toppingStabisol PCMS 6System for an inexpensive gratable pizza topping which can be filled in block form and has a good melting behaviour1,6 %
Pizza topping all’ItaliaStabisol PCFLSystem for a grated pizza topping, which can be filled in block form and has good melting behaviour, pulls long strings when hot5.0%
Slice on sliceStabisol PCTR 5Declaration-friendly system for slices with a high cheese content and without addition of melting salts, end product can be cut very well0.5%
Spreadable and triangular
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosage
Spreadable processed cheese preparationStabisol PCSP 12Flexible system for ideal spreading properties of processed cheese preparations4.6%
Spreadable processed cheese preparationStabisol PCCL 2Declaration-friendly system without E numbers for the production of spreadable processed cheese preparations without addition of melting salts1.5%
Processed cheese preparation in triangular formStabisol PCTR 5System with excellent filling viscosity for dosing in triangular packaging, variants without melting salts also possible0.4 - 0.6%
ApplicationStabilising systemPropertiesDosage
Processed cheese preparation type FondueStabisol PCCFFlexible system for the production of premium processed cheese preparations type Fondue based on different types of cheese2.2%
Processed cheese preparation Barbecue typeStabisol PCBQ 3System for bake-stable processed cheese preparations with a creamy mouthfeel, ideal for barbecue, pan and oven3.0%
Processed cheese preparation Barbecue typeStabisol PCBQCSystem for bake-stable processed cheese preparations based on quark, ideal for barbecue, pan and oven7.5%


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