Hydrosol puts popular classics in a new light

Ahrensburg, October 2023 – At this year’s Food Ingredients Europe, Hydrosol is serving a modern version of the classic dish “currywurst and French fries” at stand 3.1D160 – with a fat-reduced French fries sauce, a curry sauce with an intensive taste and a hybrid sausage. Whereas in the field of dairy products, the focus is on the best-selling product: vegetable-based cream. In addition, Katharina Burdorf, Team Lead Product Management at Hydrosol, is diving into the topic of cellular agriculture as a speaker on 29 November at the FIE Conference. The title of the presentation is “Sustaining the World’s Appetite: The Role of Cellular Agriculture in Modern Food Systems”.

Hybrid Currywurst, French fries 4.0

The hybrid currywurst contains less fat and cholesterol than conventional products but it is just as tasty as the original. Hybrid products appeal particularly to consumers who would like to reduce their meat consumption but do not want to make compromises regarding taste and consistency. The hybrid currywurst which trade fair visitors can try at the Hydrosol stand, is only one example of this. With the stabilisating systems from the PLUSmulson range, a wide array of different hybrid products can be produced – from sausages and cold cuts via burgers, meatballs, nuggets and schnitzels to fish products. The combination of meat and vegetables can be smoothly integrated into the existing production process. The proportions of meat and vegetables can be flexibly varied. With their health, economic and environmental advantages, hybrid products offer the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds.

Fitting well to the sausage rich in vegetables, Hydrosol has developed a concept for a curry sauce which can be used flexibly and retains good viscosity even in the warm state. The functional system for French fries sauce scores points with its nutritionally nutritional physiology advantages and simple preparation. The all-in compound has an excellent emulsifying capacity and guarantees a stable final product, even without the use of egg yolk powder. Despite the improved nutritional value due to a reduction in fat content to 15 percent and a fibre enrichment, the French fries sauce has a creamy mouthfeel and a delicious taste. This makes it an ideal alternative to conventional high-fat mayonnaise.

Vegetable based-cream: our bestsellers impress

Vegetable-based cream is by far the most popular category on the Hydrosol website. For a good reason: Cooking and whipping creams based on vegetable fat have long shelf lives, offer cost advantages compared to conventional cream and in addition, vegetable fat is usually available at any time. Not to be forgotten: the final products are more stable and convince with individual properties. With the stabilising and texturing systems from the Stabimuls ICR range, manufacturers can produce creams with significantly higher whipping volumes and sturdier foam structures than conventional cream. Furthermore, variants which are freeze-thaw-stable are also possible. Whereas the systems from the Stabisol Vega rangereveal cooking creams with flexible fat contents of between 10 and 30 percent. These are heat-stable and resilient against acids and do not coagulate even when alcohol is added. There is also a variant which combines both advantages – making it suitable for cooking and whipping. At the FIE, visitors can experience the advantages of vegetable-based cream live.

Cultured meat: new ideas from research

On all five continents, companies are researching cultured meat. “Both new types of vegan meat alternatives and cultured meat have the potential to be disruptive,” explains Katharina Burdorf, Team Lead Product Management at Hydrosol. In her dissertation, the expert is researching the opportunities offered by meat from cultivated cells, but also the challenges which must be mastered by this new generation of protein. At the FIE Conference, she will share expert insights into the current state of research.

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