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Always a Step Ahead in Texture and Taste.

With individual stabilizing and texturing systems for deli foods, dairy and meat products, Hydrosol supports the worldwide food industry.

We are Hydrosol

Do you want to stand out in the competition and delight your costumers? Our product range covers texturing and stabilization systems for yogurt, milk, and cream – including plant-based options. With the help of modern pilot plants, we are prepared for all requirements of the dairy industry. We are at your side as innovation drivers and supporters in product development, from improving existing products to developing completely new lines. In doing so, we even help you with product marketing, and provide ideas that make your customers curious.

State-of-the-art developments for producers of dairy products


Revolutionize your yogurt production with innovative options: drinkable, spoonable, extended shelf life, and more.

Vegetable-Based Cream

2-in-1 applications, long shelf life, higher volume, flexible fat content and filling temperatures as high as 18° Celsius.

Milk Drinks

Creamy mouthfeel, low fat content, high protein values and stable suspensions – meet our systems for milk drinks.


Get your personal appointment with our experts

Our colleagues Felipe Krueger-Sarmiento and Thies Julius Meier will travel to Brazil. From September 18th to 22nd 2023 you have the opportunity to meet them face-to-face and see an exclusive presentation of our solutions for the dairy industry.

Meet the experts

Take your dairy products to a new level


Elevate your yogurt game with our exceptional range of options. Whether you want to offer drinkable or spoonable delights, with extended shelf life and convenient storage at room temperature, we’ve got the solutions you need. Best of all, our offerings cover the entire spectrum from affordable choices to luxurious indulgence, giving you the power to captivate your customers like never before.

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Strong partnerships in Latin America

With our long experience in Latin America, we have a solid foundation. Our extensive partner network connects us across borders and lets us do great things together.

Felipe Krueger-Sarmiento, Global Commercial Director LATAM

A step ahead: systems for vegetable-based creams


Overcoming Complexity With Innovative Solutions

Using vegetable fat for cooking and whipping cream brings several advantages over traditional cream. Vegetable fat allows for better storage, meaning your cream will last longer, and it also offers cost benefits. Additionally, vegetable fat is readily available all the time, making it a convenient choice for cream preparation. Another important aspect is that the end products become more stable and acquire special properties.

These benefits highlight the significance of considering vegetable fat-based alternatives for cooking and whipping cream. By doing so, we can create creams with exceptional quality and unique features while also promoting sustainability.

Higher Volume

Our systems allow for whipping creams with substantially higher volume and firmer foam structure than conventional cream, and also enable the creation of freeze-thaw stable variants.

Flexible fat content

With our Stabisol Vega Range you can produce cooking creams with flexible 10-30 % fat content that are heat- and acid-stable withou any flocculation, even in the presence of alcohol.


We offer stabilizing systems for filling at temperatures up to 18° Celsius. These systems solve the problem of fat crystallization during filling and allow for vegetable-based creams to be made in upstream processes without issues.

A highly experienced team at your side

Based on our deep understanding of regional trends and expectations in international markets, with 35 technologists around the world we create exciting product concepts for our customers, with high value addition potential.

Thies Julius Meier, Principal Technologist LATAM Area

Milk drinks for customers of all ages


Felipe Krueger-Sarmiento

Area Sales Director for Latin America

Since 2011 Felipe has played a crucial role in our success. His efforts have made Hydrosol the preferred supplier for key players in several markets, including Mexico. Felipe has a background in foreign trade, a degree in Business Administration, and a passion for sales.

Thies Julius

Principal Technologist Latin American Area

With over 30 years of experience in stabilizer systems for the food industry, Thies has been instrumental to Hydrosol for 21 years, initially leading R&D for Dairy, Mayonnaise, and Sauces. With a strong focus on innovation, he continues to drive growth using his rich international expertise.

Stern Ingredients México

Affiliate & Development Center

Our competent partner and a subsidiary of the international Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, one of the world’s leading suppliers of ingredients for food and food supplements. With our own Technology Center, we can guarantee fast solutions and have a good understanding of the LATAM market.